Personal Digital Assistants and Smartphones in 2020 – the battle is on

Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) or, also known as microcomputers and palm PCs, have transitioned from the 20th to the 21st century and allowed millions of users worldwide to enjoy a portable smart organiser that could fit a diary, a planner, a calendar, a personal desktop with internet access, a GPS navigator and a telephone in one lightweight handheld device.

The software that powers this device has gone through a series of major transformations too, which made it possible for this gadget to become a useful tool for business users.

micro computer pda

Improved functionality and connectivity will surprise users

Today, we can surely say that all the above-mentioned functions are easily performed by means of a common smartphone. In fact, the introduction of smartphones and the growth of smartphone sales triggered a decline in sales of Personal Digital Assistants. It is predicted that eventually PDAs will either be completely replaced by smartphones or will gradually become a niche product tailored for business users who appreciate instant access to specific business tools available on palm PCs.

When the early generations of PDAs were first introduced in the 90s, they were marketed as digital assistants – personal electronic devices that could easily replace personal diaries and help to effectively organise, store and access information. As computer software has developed and become more sophisticated, PDAs gained additional functionality making it possible to play video games, connect to the internet as well as use Bluetooth and wi-fi connections.

New technology makes video gaming and mobile casino gaming possible

Since the functionality of smartphones and PDAs provided users with video gaming tools that could be accessed on the go, mobile gaming has become widely popular around the world.Online Casino In UK was, by the way, one of the first site to propose a ranking of casino for PDA. Today video gaming companies and online casino operators have taken a significant segment of the global market. Moreover, 5G network technology will soon eliminate the issue of low latency so that such technology as cloud gaming and no download online casino games can be streamed online and played on demand.

Here are the most popular casino games that can currently be played on portable mobile devices and personal computers:

  • Online Slots – players can choose from a fascinating range of 3-reel classic, 5-reel video and progressive slots to play for fun in demo mode or using real money deposits. Online slot games come in all shapes and sizes featuring a variety of themes and game graphics powered by such giants in the iGaming industry as NetEnt, Play’n Go, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming.
  • Table games of skill, such as Blackjack and Poker, will surprise players with a range of strategic combinations that require knowledge of the game and ability to read the opponent. Casino games of skill can be played online against the house or other players. Experienced players often tend to go for live dealer table games as they make the process even more exciting.
  • Roulette, Bingo, and Baccarat are loved by players all over the globe due to the fact that they give the gameplay that thrilling edge that only comes with casino games of luck. Once the bets are on the table, players can only wait and see whether they win or lose. The odds of winning are higher in European and French Roulette games as American Roulette has 2 green slots on the roulette wheel, which makes the players lose all their bets.

New generations of users demand new gadgets

Since technology and entertainment go hand in hand, new software is being released every year. We have seen numerous improvements upon earlier generations of gadgets, such as Personal Digital Assistants, which have made it possible for more sophisticated devices to appear on the global market. Let’s see what the future holds.